Our History

 “Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory or an acceptance of the way things are. It’s a celebration of progress. It’s an affirmation that despite the most painful parts of our history, change is possible—and there is still so much work to do.” – Barack Obama

"As Black people, we are told we don’t deserve our own holidays rooted in our own history."


About Us

The South Carolina Juneteenth Freedom Fest was founded in 2017 by Rabiyyah Carmen Terborg and Jamal Bradley. Since our inaugural event in 2017 we have seen consistent growth in attendance, community involvement, and economic impact:

*    From 40 attendees at our first event to 20,000 in 2021 and reaching hundreds of thousands with our social media, television, radio marketing and streaming.

* We've also recieved a proclamation from both the city of Columbia and Richland County.

    We had 1 vendor in 2017, at this year’s event we

had 130 Black and minority owned businesses partner with us with an estimated economic impact on the city of $580,000.

*    80% of our vendors are from the Midlands area with the others coming from as far as the home of Juneteenth and as far north as New Jersey

Juneteenth or June 19th is the oldest known celebration commemorating the 1865 emancipation of the last enslaved people in the United States.

There is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. And there is no higher cause than honoring our struggle and ancestors by remembering.  Juneteenth commemorates and emphasizes education, freedom, and the overall achievement of African Americans. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing. It is a time for community assessment, self-improvement, and planning for the future. Across our country, the contributions of African Americans continue to enrich every facet of American life.


Juneteenth freedom festival 2021

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